Under the Floorboards

This model was a major prop in our final year film at university. It started life as two wooden boards, to which I added roads and grass using textured paint and sheets of model railway grass.

2015-12-31 10.55.34

2016-01-03 12.54.06

The street lamps all had to be individually painted using acrylic paint. They were then wired into the board with resistors and connected to a socket for mains power supply. (Shoutout to my dad for his help with all the electrical stuff!)

2016-01-17 19.14.132016-01-24 14.38.16

With the street lamps in place, I then started to add foliage and other details, such as road markings.

2016-01-24 15.13.30

The houses we chose for the model were far more detailed than we needed, so because of very strict time constraints, the house kits were printed onto paper, then glued onto card shells.

2016-02-01 16.39.272016-02-01 14.19.372016-01-28 20.20.12

The house shown below was built entirely from scratch, as it had to match the exterior filming location. It was made from card, with free brick and roof tile textures sourced from the internet.


A couple of the shops in the model were built using Metcalfe model railway kits (with a couple of cheeky League of Gentlemen references thrown in!).

2016-02-03 10.35.45

I finished the model off by adding details such as fences, hedges and gravel to some of the gardens.


See more photos of the finished model here.