After finishing Flourish and Blotts, I wanted to set myself more of a challenge, so I decided to build Ollivanders wand shop, with its curved windows and intricate window display detail. My initial idea was to make the windows from toilet roll tubes, but they weren’t as neat as I would have liked them, so I made a second set of windows from thin card.



I was making up the measurements for this model as I went along, so this second set of windows wasn’t quite perfect either (more on how I fixed this later).


The next step was to cover the model with decorators filler and scratch in the brickwork with a needle. I had learnt from building Flourish and Blotts that the card tends to warp a bit from the moisture in the filler, which is why I assembled everything first. As with Flourish and Blotts, there were a few places where the filler chipped off, but I think that adds interest to the brickwork and makes it look older and more weathered, as it would on an ancient wizarding street like Diagon Alley.


With the bricks in place it was time to paint! I used various different shades of browns and greys applied with a makeup sponge, then washed the whole surface in watered-down black acrylic to make the texture stand out.


The stone steps were made from foam board. I cut it with a slightly blunt craft knife to give it a rough edge and peeled away some of the top layers to try and achieve a stone-like texture. I also painted the sections of wall under the front windows with a wash of black paint, which gets darker as it reaches the bottom to create the illusion of a basement below street level. The iron bars were made from cocktail sticks cut to size and painted black.


For the glass in the windows, I used plastic packaging from a set of blinds. This wasn’t ideal, as the plastic was slightly scratched in places, but it was flexible enough to bend into shape. I cut away the wonky front windows, and instead painted strips of card which I glued directly onto the window.


And so it was onto the window displays. These are the wands that sit in the ground floor display. They are made from garden wire, with half of the plastic coating removed to create different thicknesses between the wand and the grip. The stand is made from painted cocktail sticks and card.


There are 144 individual wand boxes, which were all cut out, folded and glued by hand. I added blinds and curtains made from coloured paper, and created frosted glass by covering pieces of plastic packaging in PVA glue.


Finally, I hand painted the signs using bronze paint, and painted the pavement and stone textures onto the base and steps.


See more photos of the finished piece here.