Jacob’s Bakery

The main thing I learnt from building my last two model shops is that planning is extremely important. So many little imperfections could have been avoided if I had spent some time making proper plans before diving straight into building. So with that in mind, I downloaded Google Sketchup and built myself a virtual bakery.

3d plan

3d plan2

I decided to keep the back of the bakery open, to display the inside as well as the outside.


As with my other projects, the majority of the model was made from mounting card on a foam board base.


I got some proper plastic too for the windows – no more scruffy scratched packaging! The writing on the windows was all hand painted too! I did have a slight problem with fumes from the superglue I used frosting the windows, but they were easily replaced, and it gave me a second chance to get the writing a bit neater.


For the floor, I used woven strips of card, which I then cut to fit the base of the model.


I initially crocheted the baskets using paper sting, but they didn’t fit into the shelves as neatly as I would have liked, so I made a second set from card and wrapped the string around the outside.




The bread is by far my favourite part of this piece. It was made using polymer clay (and pretty much every YouTube tutorial I could find). The cake stands in the window are made from cocktail sticks and circles of plastic.


Because the scale was so small, I found that I could make lamps from earring backs and beads.


Once everything was finished and in place, I painted the sidewalk texture onto the base.

See more photos of the finished piece here.