Christmas Mice – Lighting

The kitchen set is now more or less finished, so I’ve started experimenting with different lighting.


There are one or two little details still to add, but I’m really happy with how this set has turned out. I tried a few test shots for some of the scenes, using my phone and a string of LEDs as the main light sources. The images are not too bad, but I’m going to do a bit of research into different lighting setups to try and get rid of some of the harsher shadows and make everything look a bit more realistic.


I did also get slightly sidetracked with the polymer clay, and made a start on the snowman for one of the outdoor scenes. I moulded the clay around balls of tinfoil, which really helped to create the snow texture, then used a toothbrush to add more detail. It seemed so wrong to put a snowman in the oven, but it came out looking pretty great!