Miniature Food Challenge

I recently bought a copy of ‘Making Mini Food’ by Lynn Allingham, so I decided to set myself a challenge over Easter.

The challenge is to make at least one item of miniature food every day between Shrove Tuesday and Easter Sunday. There are some fantastic tutorials in this book, so I’m hoping that by the time I’ve had a go at all of them I will have built up my polymer clay modelling skills and will be able to have a go at bringing some of my own ideas to life.


So far I’ve made ice cream, toast, a burger, a hotdog and loads more. I’ve decided to save up all my creations and bake and paint them at the end of each week, so I’m not switching the oven on and off all the time!


I’m starting to get the hang of using pastels to colour the clay, using little eyeshadow sponges to gradually build up the colours to create effects like baked bread and fried onions.


I’m waiting for the miniature ceramic bowls and plates I ordered to arrive, and I’m looking forward to using them with the clay to make the mac and cheese and miso soup ‘recipes’ in the book. I’m also really excited to have a go at the larger pieces, like the roast dinner and picnic basket (although I might need to dedicate two or three days to getting all the elements finished!)