Blob & Floof – Shed

As part of an animation project I’m working on I’m making a garden set, and every good garden needs a shed.

Shed designs

I started by sketching a few designs. The character who owns the shed is a little ball of plasticine, so I wanted to make the designs quite rounded to match their appearance.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 18.21.48

Once I had a finalised design, I built it in SketchUp to work out the measurements and get an idea of how it would look in the finished set.


Construction time! I made the basic structure from mount card, then stuck on strips of cereal box card to create a wooden panel effect.


I then painted it with acrylics and used dry brushing to create more texture.


For the roof, I covered pieces of card with black fabric. I added some moss using model railway foliage as a final detail.


Here’s the finished shed in place on the set with one of our main characters, Blob. I added a doorknob and heart decoration made from polymer clay. I’d like to paint ‘Shed Sweet Shed’ on the heart too, which is going to take a very steady hand and a tiny paintbrush!