Project Gallery – May

Here are some of the things I’ve made this month:

Some 1:6 scale spell books and a magic wand.


The rainbow-barfing gnome from Gravity Falls (a birthday gift for a friend).


A music box inspired by The Wizard of Oz.


A miniature party to celebrate the royal wedding.


A miniature version of Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake.



Blob & Floof – Shed

As part of an animation project I’m working on I’m making a garden set, and every good garden needs a shed.

Shed designs

I started by sketching a few designs. The character who owns the shed is a little ball of plasticine, so I wanted to make the designs quite rounded to match their appearance.

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Miniature Food Challenge

I recently bought a copy of ‘Making Mini Food’ by Lynn Allingham, so I decided to set myself a challenge over Easter.

The challenge is to make at least one item of miniature food every day between Shrove Tuesday and Easter Sunday. There are some fantastic tutorials in this book, so I’m hoping that by the time I’ve had a go at all of them I will have built up my polymer clay modelling skills and will be able to have a go at bringing some of my own ideas to life.


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