Blob and Floof

This is a stop motion project I am currently working on with a friend, who has written the script. It will be a short film about a blob of plasticine who makes friends with a feather. I have been building the sets and below are some images of my progress so far:

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 18.21.48
A plan of the garden built using Google SketchUp. I made the basic shapes of the garden, fence and shed, then used the 3D Warehouse to find plants, trees and garden furniture.
The garden shed, which I made from cereal box card, painted to look like wood. The roof is made from fabric and I have included some moss made from model railway foliage.

See more about the construction of the shed here.

The shed in position in the garden set. The majority of the set is made from card, with polymer clay vegetables. The flowers are made from wire, paper and beads. The Blob puppet is made from plasticine with polymer clay eyes.
Another angle of the set, showing the wicker chair made from card and string. The tree is made from wire and hot glue with model railway foliage.
Blob and Floof puppets. Floof is made from felt and wire.