The Cheese Cave Mice

This was a series of images I created that were used over Christmas 2017 as a social media advent calendar for the Bawtry Cheese Cave.

The majority of the furniture came from my old dolls house, however I also handmade the walls for each room and the outdoor scenery, as well as some of the objects in each image (see below). The mice were made from felt using my own pattern. They had simple wire armatures to allow me to move them into different poses.

In this image I made the stockings from felt and the mantlepiece from card. The presents are made from foam board and chocolate wrappers, and the food and candles are made from polymer clay. The fire, rabbits and tree came from my dolls house.
This scene uses fake snow to create a realistic texture and includes real wooden twigs and a lollipop stick fence.
I made the post box from a cardboard wrapping paper tube and painted it with acrylics.
I built the kitchen units from card and polymer clay.
The cookies in this scene were made from polymer clay.

More information about the construction of the kitchen units can be found here.

The finished window display in place in the shop:


The window display also included a polymer clay snowman and a festive message painted on a brie box with acrylics.